January 19, 2018

Delly Fortgang, The #1 Vocal Performance Coach Invites You To Watch One of Her Singers As He Continues To Rise!

Barry Fortgang’s latest project is The Filharmonic, a Filipino a’cappella boy band.  The 6 young men got together 2013 for the first time, recorded an audition video, and sent it to NBC’s Sing-Off producers.  It was so exciting to get a callback!  They were in the top 100 out of more than a thousand groups.  After another audition The Filharmonic was selected to be one of the ten groups on NBC’s hit TV show, The Sing-Off!

Nine TV shows were aired in December with about 8 million viewers per show.  The Filharmonic performed well on all nine shows and was the most popular group.  Although “Home Free”, a group who has been together and touring for over 10 years, won the competition, The Filharmonic  developed an outstanding fan base.

“The Sing-Off 30-City Tour” is over. . .but the fun is just beginning!  The Filharmonic are beginning to make waves in the entertainment industry.  They have performed with Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Pentatonix, and many other well-known artists. 

For the last year The Filharmonic has been touring on their own. . .  NYC, Rochester, Boston, Cleveland,

Pittsburg, Hartford, Anchorage, San Francisco, San Diego, Riverside,  Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami, and

many more!   In October the group performed at The White House  and in November  in the Philippines.

The Filharmonic also had a cameo role in Pitch Perfect 2 which was also voted the #1 sound track of

the year in the motion picture category and The Filharmonic is on a track.

Barry and The Filharmonic  thank their friends, family, and fans for all the love and support throughout this entire experience.  Please keep supporting them and believe in your dream.  http://www.thefilharmonic.com/

Delly Fortgang, Vocal Performance Coach


Fortgang Student, Jeff Marx Tony Award Winner for Broadway Musical, Avenue Qweb

Fortgang student Jeff Marx won the Tony Award for writing the Musical Score to
the Broadway Show “Avenue Q”.

Delly and Greg London

Delly and Greg London (Headliner at the Hilton, Impressions That Rock):  Delly and Greg visiting at the Future Stars Showcase

Delly and Leon Patillo

Delly and Leon Patillo (Former lead vocalist for Santana):  Delly performed and worked with Leon at his Rise Above Concert

Delly and Tony Sacca

Delly and Tony Sacca (TV Celebrity and Entertainer):  Each year Delly’s Future Stars are invited to entertain in the Tony Sacca Show at the San Gennaro Feast

Delly and Kelly Clinton

Delly and Kelly Clinton (Las Vegas Entertainer):  Delly performed with Kelly at Turnberry Towers


Bill Fayne and Delly

Bill Fayne (Clint Holmes Music Director, Entertainer) and Delly:  Visiting after “Toast of the Town Show” at Sam’s Town

Delly and Clint Holmes

Delly and Clint Holmes (Showroom Entertainer and Recording Artist):  Delly’s vocal trio Breakthrough performed in “Toast of the Town” at Sam’s Town along with Clint

Delly & Steve and Brendan Paul

Delly & Steve and Brendan Paul (Elvis Impersonator):  Elvis performed for Future Stars Showcase at Town Square