Do you have the talent, performance skills, and ability to connect with your audience?  If not, you can improve your vocal skills and achieve your goals with  Delly Fortgang, the #1 Vocal Performance Technique Coach.

My goal is to have my students and parents love my vocal teaching and performance opportunities, to help each singer be the best vocalist they can be so they will tell a friend and shout from a mountain top their happiness in working with Delly Fortgang. While not exactly sure if anyone has ever done the latter, I do know that referrals have helped the business grow over the years.

It all begins with Delly and her ability to bring out the talent of her students and allow them to achieve a high level of success in vocal and performance. Simply put, she works hard with each student and develops a vocal plan to make success unavoidable and teaches from the heart. Your vocal skills will improve in a few short weeks!

Students of all levels and ages come to Delly for vocal instruction. Some are “pitchy” beginners, with only the interest in wanting to develop their vocal skills and techniques to become a singer/performer. Some are experienced, trained vocalists with performance skills and resumes who are looking to improve their vocal skills.  Delly guides these singers to a higher level of performance through her individualized vocal exercises, explains and demonstrates each vocal technique:

Ear Training • Pitch Control • Connect Ranges Smoothly • Expand Ranges • Breath Control • Sound Placement • Projection • Song Styling • Riffs • Dynamics • Mic Techniques • Stage Presence • Harmony • Sing with Passion and Confidence.                                                                 

Pricing Includes:  Song Choices, CD’s, Editing Songs, Key Changes, Lyrics, Demo-Recording, and Performance Opportunities

As one of the leading and award winning vocal performance coaches in Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley and Summerlin, Delly Fortgang offers professional singing lessons to students of all ages, beginners to professionals.

With over 20 years experience, Delly provides specialized vocal coaching/training to help students improve their vocal skills and inspire them to dream and help them achieve their goals.

The vocal curriculum includes breathing technique exercises, ear training exercises, vocal tone production, expanding range, connecting ranges, sound placement, projection, dynamics, song styling, harmony, riffs, ad-libs, mic technique, stage presence, audition techniques & preparation and vocal recording.

Music Performance opportunities are provided. Singers learn to sing with passion, confidence and perform like the stars!

So if you are looking for professional music/singing lessons in Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, and Summerlin, Delly Fortgang can help you achieve your musical goals.